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Consumers who love organic flavors have an array of organic wines to choose from, produced by various producers. How many of these wines are truly certified, though? To put it plainly, organic wine means certification and organic certification in Greece has only one name: DIO! It’s precisely this certification that has accompanied, for years now, each and every bottle of wine and wine product under the Zoumberakis label.

At the Zoumberakis Winery, the quality of products meets the highest standards and, thanks to the vertical integration of production and rigorous controls, is guaranteed through all stages of winemaking, from the production of the raw materials all the way to their preparation, packaging and placement of the market.

Our experience plays a fundamental role in this process, as it helps us ensure the best combination of traditional and modern production methods and create excellent organic products. Constant controls in our vineyards certify that each stage of cultivation is organic, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, under the full supervision of the Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products and always in full compliance with the strict specifications of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Development & the Environment.

Quality control is performed under the strict monitoring and supervision of the internationally recognized organization DIO, which, since 1993, has been a leader in the organic product sector and synonymous with reliability and the highest quality. The System for the Organic Certification of the Zoumberakis wine products is awarded by the Organization DIO and then audited by a multi-member Certification Council, with the participation of scientists from all disciplines with extensive knowledge and experience in organic farming. The DIO seal is a guarantee for consumers and the symbol of a certification that is 100% valid and transparent!

The control procedure is applied consistently and “stamps” all stages of production, from the vineyards and the facilities of our winery to the system that takes care of the distribution and sale of the products to consumers. Each stage is certified by the Organization DIO, the Official Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products in accordance with EU Legislation.

This means that consumers who choose Zoumberakis products can be sure that each bottle offers organic wine of the highest quality, worthy of the beauty of Crete and meeting the requirements of those who know that a good wine is a philosophy of life!


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