Export - Goals

The products of the Zoumberakis Winery are consistently chosen by wine connoisseurs around Greece, while they also act as ambassadors of the best wines our country can offer abroad, consolidating their place on foreign markets.

In the recent past, we have been successfully exporting our wines to demanding and very competitive markets, like England, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Cyprus. These markets absorb approximately 20% of our total production with excellent prospects for growth. Our objective for the near future is to double exports, to up to 40% of our total activity; our development plans and funding are oriented in this direction.

As a first step, the Zoumberakis Family will soon be exporting its excellent tsikoudia to the USA, while we have already laid the groundwork for the placement of our products in other demanding markets seeking authentic Greek products to counter standardization and meet the demand for prized flavors.

With the view of conquering foreign markets and the expansion of export activities, Zoumberakis wines and wine products participate regularly in the most prestigious food and beverage fairs abroad, e.g. in Japan, Nuremberg, etc. Our dynamic international presence promotes the excellence of Greek wine products, contributing to the total promotion of Greek wines globally.

Having completed a dynamic development production plan, the Zoumberakis Winery today produces approximately 50 excellent codes, that correspond to organic products that meet the latest quality requirements. Even the most demanding wine lovers will find, among our products, the one that most satisfies their taste buds, at the best quality/price ratio.

For the past 3 generations we have dedicated our efforts to bottling the beauty of Crete’s nature, transforming each drop of wine into a drop of history and tradition, the history and tradition of a land that uses its integrity and values to create products whose quality cannot be surpassed. Every single day, our vineyards are the starting point for a special journey with the same destination: authentic taste that makes our best moments more joyful and satisfying. Each toast you make to add joy to your meal is our greatest award.

And the journey continues, with the same wish... To your good health!