Our Vineyards

According to the experts, Crete is considered to be the best winegrowing area in the world. It is here, in this blessed land, 3 generations ago, that the history of the Zoumberakis Family as viticulturists and producers of the highest quality wines began.

Our vineyards are situated in a uniquely beautiful corner of Crete: in the southwest of the Prefecture of Rethimno, at Kali Sikia, on the slopes of Krioneritis. Mount Krioneritis, whose tallest peak reaches 1,312 m, is the natural continuation of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) and offers the ideal morphological and climatic conditions that allow a rich ecosystem to thrive.

Our organic vineyards are scattered on the mountain’s slopes, at the ideal altitude for viticulture: 600 - 800 meters above sea level. We employed very strict criteria in choosing this location. What convinced us was the perfect microclimate (temperature, wind, quality and availability of water) for organic viticulture. Our vineyards are planted on the ideal soil - containing dry shale - which creates the perfect conditions for high-yield organic farming.

They cover an area of 100,000 sq.m. and are exclusively organic. All stages of cultivation and winemaking, from the sowing of the varieties and the movement of agricultural machinery to bottling and labelling the final product are certified according to the strictest criteria.

In the fertile lands of Kali Sikia we create, with a great sense of responsibility, wine products that stand out by their flavor and characteristics, contributing to the sustainability of the natural environment. As a typical example, we take care to surround our crops and maintain rocky outposts that are home to the area’s fauna, especially the varied species of birds that thrive on Kryoneritis.

The base of the Zoumberakis Family in Rethimno (Crete) is a small, green paradise. Here, inspired by our vision and with true love and respect for nature and its products, we cultivate on a daily basis our own philosophy of life, which then travels to every corner of the globe, waiting to be released from our bottles and flavors. In the words of the beloved poet, Odysseas Elytis,“With an olive tree, a vine and a boat you can rebuild Greece...”.

Crete has it all!

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