Traditional Cretan Liqueurs

The traditional Cretan liqueurs of the Zoumberakis Family are the new way to sweeten each moment. Blended with the most intoxicating aromas of Cretan nature, they are the most pleasurable note that lifts all social events and imparts its flavor on our personal moments of relaxation! Of excellent organic quality that has conquered the most expert lovers of liqueurs, they lift the mood from the very first sip!


RAKOMELO Traditional Liqueur
There’s absolutely no doubt that Rakomelo ZoumbeRAKI is the most enjoyable combination of tradition and natural quantity! Each bottle of the new liqueur is a “marriage” of Cretan tsikoudia and golden aromatic Cretan thyme honey. They are accompanied by the most fragrant mix of spices, for a special, perfectly balanced drink of excellent quality. It does more than gift its unique taste to your most special moments: traditional Rakomelo is also good for you! It’s produced from pure organic ingredients, based on the organic grapes of the Zoumberakis Vineyards. It contains Cretan tsikoudia, thyme honey, cinnamon and cloves; free of GMOs (DIO certification).
PACKAGING: Glass bottle, 100ml, 200ml & 500ml

Produced and bottled in the European Union (100% Greek product).
Certified pursuant to Regulation (EC) 834/2007.

PetimezoRaki Traditional Liqueur
In an unexpected combination of flavors, Cretan tsikoudia finds its unique ally in petimezi, creating the latest product of the Zoumberaki Winery: the unique PetimezoRaki liqueur! A 100% organic product, made using the secrets of tradition and the purest organic ingredients. Its recipe is simple, but the secrets of its flavor are the privileged knowledge of the Zoumberakis Family! Must (i.e. grape juice) bubbles away patiently until it transforms into the tastiest natural syrup, petimezi. Petimezi is then warmed up with authentic Cretan raki to give us a natural, traditional Cretan liqueur with a velvety texture, a strong aroma and strengthening and digestive properties! Produced from carefully selected organic grapes of the highest quality, free of GMOs (DIO Certification).
PACKAGING: Glass bottle, 100ml & 200ml

Produced and bottled in the European Union (100% Greek product).
Certified pursuant to Regulation (EC) 834/2007.



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